January 30, 2018

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of kidding season, with all does due April 26, 2018.  I have a feeling that when one goes into labor, everyone else will follow.  This will be our second kidding, and, although quite nervous, I’m looking forward to seeing how these planned breedings turn out.  All kids, except a select few, will be available, so stay tuned for updates!

We are also eagerly awaiting the arrival (hopefully) of a doeling from Sunny Daze Farm, who will be a J-Nels ER Dumplin/Chenango-Hills Lysander grand-daughter.  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Linear Appraisals will be in July and we are looking forward to our young buck’s and first freshener’s appraisals.

Please check the planned breedings page for information on the pairings that are in the works.


October, 2017

We have been bitten by the show bug as we just returned from the SMDGA Fall Frenzy Buck show with our homebred buck Rock-A-Hula Roustabout (Aladdin).  Please see his show results and more information on the Buck page.  We are tentatively planning on showing Jelly, Rose, another homebred, and Aladdin in 2018.