Welcome to Rock-A-Hula Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Our farm is located in the Missouri Ozarks and has been in existence since August 2016 when we purchased our foundation does, Cats Cradle A Cool Springs and Cats Cradle Dazzle, who are half sisters (see Doe Page for more information). Little did we know that we would be bitten by the proverbial goat bug.  In April 2017, we had a total of 7 kids between the two does and we also purchased our future herd sire, Cats Cradle GH Jailhouse Rock, Elvis, a SGCH Fairlea Elise grandson and Cats Cradle EM Jelly Doe-Nut who has a SG dam and grand dam and SGCH grand dam on sire side.  We retained two doelings and a buckling (who has been shown and is available) from our first kiddings.  Needless to say, our two foundation doe herd almost quadrupled within 7 months.  Our future plans include a 2018 doeling reservation who we think will be a great addition to our herd’s bloodlines.  We look forward to the future of our small, but growing herd. Our breeding philosophy is fairly straightforward.  We believe in breeding for proper conformation and milk in the pail. We participate in Linear Appraisal and hope to add DHIA to our regimen when our kidding begins in the spring of 2018. We are an annually tested CL, CAE, and Johne’s disease free herd. Feel free to browse our website and be sure to check out the blog page for up-to-date information.  

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